The Supermoto Kickstand


Are you sick of seeing your supermoto fall over due to a too long kick-stand?

Well, you finally found the solution for this problem! 🔥
The only reason your bike now will fall over is because of your wheelies, stoppies or terrible driving. But not because you are trying to park your bike.

This kickstand will work on most KTM & Husqvarna. (See list below:)

EXC125 2008-2023
EXC200 2008-2023
EXC250 2008-2023
EXC300 2008-2023
EXC-F250 2008-2023
EXC-F350 2011-2023
EXC400 2008-2023
EXC-F450 2010-2023
EXC-F500 2012-2023

TE125 2014-2023
TE250 2014-2023
TE300 2014-2023
FE250 2014-2023
FE350 2014-2023
FE450 2014-2023
FE501 2014-2023


  • In some cases you will need to use your stock spring or bolts. Due to change of KTM/Husqvarna and GasGas parts.
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