Husqvarna 701 – VDB

New season.. New graphics!

Well normally it’s just a new look for the bike. This year it’s also time for a new look for our “factory” rider VDB. Bike got an update with fresh graphics by Slick Design. All graphics are fluo yellow, but even his wheel graphics are fluo. The fluo yellow graphics make his wheels pop out even more.

The bike already had a lot of upgrades. Some of them actually make the bike a little better, such as the Moto-Master discs. The stock braking power of the Brembo kit on this bike isn’t the best. But most of the updates are ‘just’ looks. But damn, this bike is looking nice!

Partlist of the bike (clickable links)

The gear – from top to bottom

Want to look just like VDB on your bike? Click the links to get yours!
Helmet: LS2 MX470 Subverter Power – Gloss blue chrome
Goggles: Supermofools 
Suit: Macna Voltage 1PC*
Gloves: Macna Track R*
Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10

*All Macna gear is available through our customer service